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Here you can find out about Hot & Cold Smoking, curing, BBQ smoking, Woods for smoking, and everything else to do with food smoking in Short and snappy way.

What is Cold Smoking?

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Cold Smoking is a way of adding flavour to food by exposing it to smoke. that's it , it is that simple.

Meat needs to be cured befor cold smoking. Cold smoking smokers usually use smoke generators or similar smoke producing chambers that are away from the main food chamber and connected by a pipe or some sort of a duct to run the smoke from the generator to the food area. the idea is to deliver the smoke - not the heat, as with cold smoking there is no cooking involved. temps are about 20-30C

Cold smoking is about exposing to smoke to add flavour - nothing else.

What is Hot Smoking?


Hot smoking is cooking food and exposing it to the smoke in order to add flavour. In hot smokers the heat source like charcoal or electric grill or smoke generator is placed directly underneath the food and wood chips or chunks are placed on top of the heat source so they can start to smolder and produce smoke. temps are around 80-90c.

BBQ Smoking explained

BBq smoking is basically adding a bit of wood chips or chunks to the charcoal, or whatever the heat source is and cooking the food. It is a form of hot smoking, basically bbqing with a bit of wood.


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